Garden makeover in Yate

Big project, using Marshall’s Senna vitrified porcelain paving patio’s and pathways, rendered and porcelain capped raised beds, be-spoke water cut patio circle, Siberian larch screening, veg beds area, and large lawn area.

We are really pleased with the finished garden.

Now on to the next one..

Driveway in Downend, Bristol.

Here’s some pictures of a block paved driveway we have just completed.

We used Marshalls Metro block in with a sawn granite detail and key kerb bullnose edging. We also constructed a planting bed and step with porcelain paving inset.

Block paved driveway in Downend Bristol

Block paved driveway in Downend Bristol

block-paved-driveway-bristol-8 block-paved-driveway-bristol-7 block-paved-driveway-bristol-5 block-paved-driveway-bristol-4 block-paved-driveway-bristol-3 block-paved-driveway-bristol-2 block-paved-driveway-bristol-1



Garden makeover in Downend, Bristol

Here’s some pictures of a rear garden makeover we’ve been working on recently.

We used vitrified porcelain paving for it’s durability in a buff colour with a sawn granite edging for detail and contrast.

Behind we constructed block and rendered beds with a floating cedar bench built in.

Finally new fencing and lawn and edged the existing apple tree.

garden patio

Porcelain paving, planting beds, cedar bench, lawn

garden-patio-porcelain-cedar-7 garden-patio-porcelain-cedar-6 garden-patio-porcelain-cedar-3 garden-patio-porcelain-cedar-2 garden-patio-porcelain-cedar-1


Garden makeover front and back garden.

Here some pictures of a large garden makeover in Clifton we are currently working on.

Front garden consists of rendered planters with cedar screening and soon to have white stone/gravel drive.

Rear garden has a long path leading to raised patio/seating area at rear of garden with rendered planters and sleeper beds.

front garden cedar fencing

front garden cedar fencing


Rear garden rendered raised patio area and beds

patio-rendered-bed-garden1 Rear garden rendered raised patio area and beds


patio-rendered-bed-garden-4 patio-rendered-bed-garden-3 patio-rendered-bed-garden-2


Marshalls award

Last week we picked up an award at the Marshalls award road show in Bristol.

Best project by a new member.

It’s great to be recognises for our hard work and craftmanship and we are looking forward to the year ahead and submitting gardens again next year.

Marshalls Award 2017/18

Marshalls Award 2017/18


City garden, Clifton, Bristol

Here’s some pictures of a small city garden in Clifton, Bristol

The work included, rendering of the wall to cover old brickwork, laying of grey porcelain paving, installation of a slot drain in front of bi-fold doors for drainage and installation and cutting in of two recessed manhole covers to disguise the manholes.

Finally screening in the form of cedar slats to create a more intermate garden space.

Difficult job as everything was going through the house with particularly tight access at the front. Also less that ideal weather (see pictures)

Looking forward to seeing it when the rendered walls have been painted


Silver grey curved porcelain patio in Bristol

Here’s some pictures of  a garden recently completed in Knowle, Bristol

Adding shape and style to an otherwise square garden using a bullnose graphite curb and traditional edging for detail.

Then cutting in the curve with the silver grey porcelain paving patio.

New lawn plus recessed manhole covers to complete the look


greyporcelainpatio5 Silver grey porcelain patio



greyporcelainpatio9 greyporcelainpatio8 greyporcelainpatio7 greyporcelainpatio6  greyporcelainpatio4 greyporcelainpatio3 Silver grey porcelain patio

Front garden makeover Staple Hill, Bristol

Here’s some before and after pictures of a front garden makeover in Staple Hill Bristol we’ve just finished.

We chose to used Symphony vitrified porcelain paving for its contemporary look but also as its low maintenance – This is due to the vitrified process that ensures reduced water absorption.

The paving was edged with a grey rumble block edging to define the pathway.
Finally we constructed a small bin store and created a small raised bull-nose planting bed in the corner for interest.

Block paved driveway in Bristol

Here’s some pictures of the process of a block paved driveway we recently completed in Bradley Stoke, Bristol

Driveway edged with a pennant grey blocks and infilled with rustic.

Pathway features using Firestone from paving

Tequla blocks and firestone paving from #Marshalls

Garden makeover in Bristol

Here are some pictures of the build process and finished garden we recently completed in Bristol.

It was a tricky project due to the slope of the garden. To get around this we opted to terrace the garden to make use of the space.

We incorporated circles into the design to add shape to the otherwise square garden and continued this theme in the terraced steps and in the patio shape at the top terrace.

The lawn area was rotovated and levelled to lessen the slope.

We used buff coloured slabs to lighten the garden but also opted for porcelain for its durability and contemporary look. The finished effect really transformed the garden space and makes for a fresh, spacious feel.

In addition to the garden we also erected 25 meters of closeboard fencing with concrete gravel boards which completed the look.

Have a look at the pictures below